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Jitender Sharma jsharma at niilm.com
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Dear All

Everybody has a right to express his/her feelings. But in doing so 
sometimes we reach to very personal levels and forget the purpose with 
what any discussion was started. 

In my opinion any professional discussion should only be constructive 
without accusing each other. And this is due to lack of proficiency only 
in a language that sometimes we use the words without knowing that others 
might get hurt like expressed below.

One more small request, everybody should write his/her full details with 
the message so that at least it becomes clear who is addressing to whom.

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From: "A.V. Nagarathna" <avn at jncasr.ac.in>
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Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 10:24:51 +0530 (IST)
Subject: [LIS-Forum] English...?

> Dear All,
> ........Response to Mr./Dr. Hiremath

> I am annoyed only because your arguments are not logical.
> Basically members on this forum can offer their suggestions when the
> argument is logical.
> I am surprised that you talk about decency! Can you just read once
> again
> all your messages to this forum how decent the words you have used
> Disservice
slaves to English
unfortunate Indians
> oof...look down upon

> By the way who are you to refer to others as ‘unfortunate’

> You are questioning me what is ‘show off’, it is you who used these
> words
> in your message first time
if you can offer me explanation what you
> mean
> by this.. I can give you reply

> Don’t you understand even now, after reading several messages on this
> forum explaining why you need to know English and when you need it ?
> Who are you to declare Tamil is the language of Bangalore?
> If you want to promote or advice usage of regional languages, canvas in
> that language, why are you using English for this purpose? Since you
> are
> opposing usage of English, first you have to implement and stop using
> English before you advice others.
> In spite of several responses on this forum --- explaining why English
> is
> essential, you are continuing to argue BLINDLY and enforcing your
> ‘fixed
> concepts and ideas’ on others.
> May be it is better to simply IGNORE messages with no logical
> arguments,
> so that little time is saved.
> Thank you,
> Regards,
> AVNagarathna
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