[Ncsi-net] Quiz and debate

Dr. T.B. Rajashekar raja at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
Fri May 6 11:06:18 IST 2005

Dear All

Hearty Congrats to Krishna Kumar and Prasanna in doing so well in the quiz
competition. The quiz was very well designed - credit to Anand and Madhuresh
for their contribution.

I also thank Prasanna, Madhuresh, Arun, Lakshmi, Suvarsha, and Shanthi for
their very useful response to my earlier query. My special thanks to
Prasanna and Madhuresh for providing me with useful material.

Babu made some further suggestions after the debate, so also Sathya when he
brought out the key difference between premium and popular content.

I will try an incorporate these suggestions in the debate material I had
prepared, and share with you all.

If you have any more suggestions, do let me know.

Best wishes


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