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Attn: LIS professionals working in AICTE moderated institutions.

Dear professional colleagues,

AIMS(Association of Indian Management Schools), Hyderabad in association with Indian School of Business(ISB), Hyderabad had organized a two-day workshop on Organizing Learning Resources in Bschools on Feb 10-11, 2012 at Hyderabad.

Over 30 participants from other Bschools and engg colleges had participated (including me)in the workshop. The AIMS present was present during the workshop. During the workshop, the participants raised many concerns and difficulties while meeting AICTE Guidelines for libraries. The discussions were held in presence of AIMS officers and they suggested to prepare a memorandum and that could be submitted to AICTE though associations and other networks for better results(including AIMS).

The following issues were raised by participants during the workshop. As the issues are related to all AICTE moderated institutes, members suggested posting the concerns on forums for concretizing the issues on logical ground.

Following are some of the initial concerns for discussion and updating. Please participate actively in the discussion so that we can prepare a logical & acceptable  memorandum for the submission to authorities though various channels including manlibnet, engg forum, IASLIC, ILA etc....  at the end, I will send the consolidated discussions to you all for review and finalization.

I request all the members to make the discussion rich with constructive suggestions and please avoid biased/personalized criticisms on any individuals.

Following are the Initial Points for Discussions: can be appended or modified:

1.  on similar lines with guidelines for institutional resources & facilities and faculty members, The tech & management libraries request AICTE to prescribe guidelines regarding librarian's status, and compensation packages on par with faculty members. This is in line with Govt's order issued considering librarians as academic members and their status is on par with teaching community.

2.  Like teaching staff formula, there are no guidelines prescribed for the Library personnel in AICTE Handbook. It is desirable that AICTE prescribes staff formula for libraries too.

3.  It is more desirable for AICTE to oversee the proper utilization of library budget

4.  Currently AICTE rules are more related to technical institutions but they are enforced on Management institutes too including libraries. since the structure and design of management institutes/libraries are different, it   is desirable for AICTE to design set of appropriate guidelines for management institutes/libraries;

5.  the AICTE guidelines for annual incremental addition to library needs to be relooked by them. For example the base collection of library at the start of institute is 100 * B titles, & 500* B volumes. The annual incremental addition is 50*B & again 500*B volumes. This annual addition needs to be relooked as it involves storage and display problems.["B" represents number of divisions in the institute, this "B" also interpreted differently by different organisations?]

6.  of late students with more computer skills are getting admitted to institutes, their demands are more focusing towards digital resources. It is welcoming feature to note that AICTE has already prescribed guidelines for subscribing e-journals through databases.  with increased number of tech-savvy students demanding digital resources, reduced users' physical visit and increased cost of construction of buildings, the AICTE may prescribe guidelines on adding e-books too.

7.  AICTE has prescribed formula for subscribing national Journals. It is beneficial if AICTE takes steps to prepare a comprehensive list, which intern might help institutes to subscribe journals to their libraries.

These points are ice breakers for the fruitful and constructive discussions.,

Meanwhile, I have designed website for my library and self. please see them and let me have your comments for improvement.

http://www.tapmilibrarymanipal.weebly.com/ and http://www.manjunathakeralapura.weebly.com/

With regards,



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