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Vimal Kumar vimal0212 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 14:44:24 IST 2012

Dear Seena,

Very few teaching positions available for Library Science candidates.
Conveying interpreting idea in simple manner is a different skill, it has
no relation with skill in writing descriptive answers.
After qualifying UGC NET candidates do not automatically get teaching
I know many library professionals who are acting as good resource persons.
They have not acquired UGC NET, but they successfully convey ideas in
training programmes.
I know many library professionals holding UGC NET with poor professional
But many good professionals holding NET in our field.

I observed that, two type of groups among library professionals in every
academic libraries especially university libraries; NET holders and MLISc
NET holders observes others as degraded people.
Whenever result of UGC NET announced, winners join with the elite group of
NET holders.
War between these two groups are very common in every university libraries.
Growth of library is freeze or stopped due to group war. It create bad
image among academic communities.

If library professionals lack teaching skills, inclusion of teaching skills
paper in MLISc course is a good idea,
All universities in India follows the prescribed syllabus from UGC for
MLISc programme.
It says that, main aim of UGC NET is quality maintenance.
Library Science teachers are UGC NET holders. If they failed to inculcate
quality among MLISc students, it means UGC NET examination is a failure.
If so, what is the relevance of UGC NET examination?

UGC NET is a conventional test, it act as a barrier in front of library
science students and working professionals.
NET examination is a source of revenue for UGC.
Publishers of guide books are also harvesting good profit during
examination time.


Vimal Kumar V.
Mahatma Gandhi University Library
Kottayam, Kerala- 686 560
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"I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I have learnt"
-Patrick White

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