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Just Published
"Developing Sustainable Digital Libraries: Socio-Technical Perspectives"
Edited by: Tariq Ashraf, Jaideep Sharma and Puja Anand Gulati
ISBN: 978-1615207671
Published by: IGI Global, USA, 2010

The increasing prevalence of digital information systems and technologies compels libraries across the globe to update systems and provide users with a digital experience outside the confines of the structural library, providing useful benefits to the user while creating new areas of concern such as digital information preservation. 
Developing Sustainable Digital Libraries: Socio-Technical Perspectives presents a compilation of articles discussing the benefits and challenges of digital information and library digitization. Scholars from around the globe investigate web application development, techniques for digital conversion, composition of digital libraries, digital environments, and much more. This reference work proves valuable to the study and enhancement of digital information systems and technologies, and in assisting practitioners in the implementation and building of such systems and applications. 

Table of Content 
1. Digital Libraries (Tariq Ashraf, Puja Gulati) 
2. Digital Libraries and Scholarly Communication (S. Jindal) 
3. Digitisation (Jagdish Arora) 
4. Tools and Techniques for Digital Conversion (Pravin Choudhary) 
5. Building Digital Libraries (Kshema Prakash, Jason Pannone, K. Swarup) 
6. Web 2.0 and Social Web Approaches to Digital Libraries (Arun Chakraborty) 
7. Information Preservation and Information Services in the Digital Age (Manisha Saksena) 
8. Digital Preservation Challenges, Infrastructures and Evaluations (David Giaretta) 
9. Managing Change in Reference and Information Services in Digital Environment (Shantanu Ganguly, Shweta Pandey) 
10. Digital Library and Repositories (Bharat Kumar) 
11. Collaborative Digital Library Development in India (Anup Kumar Das, B.K. Sen, Chaitali Dutta) 
12. Intellectual Property Rights (Jaideep Sharma) 
13. Facilitating Access to Indian Cultural Heritage (Ramesh Gaur) 
14. Harnessing Technology for Providing Knowledge for Development (M. Bhatt) 
15. Digital Library And E-Governance (Pradip Upadhyay, Madaswamy Moni) 
16. Bridging the Digital Divide (Leila Anaraki, Azadeh Heidari) 
17. Digital Divide and Economic Wealth (Shampa Paul) 

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Dr. Anup Kumar Das
New Delhi, India

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