[LIS-Forum] American Library, Chennai extends services to Kerala

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Dear All,

American Library, Chennai extends services to Kerala. An unique initiative 
to share resources, knowledge sharing.



Membership in American Library, anyone?
KOCHI: The American Library in Chennai catches the book lovers’ attention with its vast collection of nearly 15,000 books and extensive electronic databases.
Staff Reporter

Travelling expo will offer on-the-spot enrolment

Library facilities can be accessed via mail, phone, email, etc.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With the British library becoming a mere memory for 
the capital city is it time for Ananthapuri’s book lovers to think of 
cross-decking to the American Library?

The three-day travelling exhibition of the American Library that will, 
among other things, offer on-the-spot membership enrolment for individuals 
and institutions will probably help book lovers here get a feel of the 
facilities and services enjoyed by their counterparts in Chennai.


Membership to the library is available to individuals, and organisations such as universities, colleges, research institutions, government establishments, corporate houses, newspaper houses and NGOs from south India

For details,
http://www.hindu. com/2008/ 08/26/stories/ 2008082650440200 .htm

Mysore K. Jagadish, Director of the library, said the library staff 
provided information on how residents outside Chennai can access the 
library’s extensive resources via mail, telephone, fax, email and the 

For details,

http://www.hindu. com/2008/ 08/25/stories/ 2008082551020200 .htm

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