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Mr Kush Singh was asking the question in the wrong forum I am forwarding it
here.Hope someone will reply to him directly as inquirer is not a member of


Is there any librarians asscn here in Mumbai?
by: "karmayog - tanya" info at karmayog.org
<info at karmayog.org?Subject=+Re%3AIs%20there%20any%20librarians%20asscn%20here%20in%20Mumbai%3F>
Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:39 am (PDT)
From: Kush Singh


Is there any asscn or network of libraries in Mumbai that you know of?
Is there any asscn of librarians in Mumbai?

Where does one get a librarians degree in Mumbai?

I would like to know if you know of libraries, their contact details,
working hours and basic rules and regulations if possible. We desperately
need to build a good network of libraries in the suburbs though the island
city has a good advantage in those terms.

We also need to show them open source solutions for the management of

If you can assist in any way, pls let me know.

Best regards,
kussh.singh at gmail.com <kussh.singh%40gmail.com>

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Society for Serving Seniors
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