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Dear Garai,

I agree with your views and I appreciate you for your genuine thinking towards an internee.

Thank you very much.



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I consider this to be an unprofessional HR practice by the Indian
School of Business. Please see below explanations:<br>
1. According to Wikipedia, &quot;An <b>intern</b> or <b>stagiaire</b> is
one who works in a temporary
position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely
employment, making it similar to an <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apprenticeship" title="Apprenticeship" target="_blank">apprenticeship</a>.
Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also
be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a
new career. Student internships provide opportunities for students to
gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a
particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain school credit.
(<a class="moz-txt-link-freetext" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intern" target="_blank">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intern</a>). <br>
&gt;From this, we can fairly say that an intern can not be given an option
of recruitment for two years. In general, internship/ apprenticeship is
part of the coursework, as elaborated above and should be in general
practised by even graduate courses in computer science, business
administration, etc. <br>
2. Internship is generally conducted to impart practical training to
students, new graduates. However, the &quot;Job Description&quot; does not
provide any scope for training, rather it provides list of tasks that
the would be interns are required to deliver. In general such jobs are
delivered by full time experienced professionals. This also becomes
apparent from the odd duty hours given to the interns .......They are
expected to work in shift system on a rotation basis since our Centre
operates from 8 am to 2 am. However the working hours for Interns will
be 81/2 hours per day and one weekly off will be given...&quot;<br>
3. And, a working hour of 8.5 would be mentally and physically
challenging for an intern. It is not sure if the relevant state laws
can permit this.<br>
In view of this, I hope IBS changes it practice of recruiting interns
to do the works of full time staff workers. They should be able to
adhere to professionalism of a business school and what they teach at
their MBA classes. <br>
Atanu Garai<br>
Naveen M wrote:
<blockquote cite="mid:dae14a5e0801210138w5a1dabfaxc4df38c324fc2db7 at mail.gmail.com">
  <pre>Details for the Position:  LRC- Interns

Number of vacancies &ndash; 3
(Posted on January 09, 2008)

Eligibility Criteria:

    * Post Graduate in Library and Information Science
    * Graduate in any discipline and Diploma in Computer Sciences

Soft skills required:

    * Good communication skills
    * Take initiatives and result oriented
    * Systematic, logical and hardworking
    * Team player
    * Able to interact with different kinds of customers
    * Ability to work under pressure

Job Description:

LRC- Interns would be involved in the following activities:

   1. Technical Processing
      a. Accessioning
      b. Classification
      c. Cataloguing
      d. Invoice and payment processing

   2. Collection development
      a. Identifying the resources for LRC&#39;s collection
      b. Resource procurement

   3. Serial Control
      a. Journal subscription
      b. Invoice and payment processing
      c. E-journals activation

   4. Reference and Information Services
      a. Answering to the reference queries received from user groups
      b. Sourcing out content for various information products

   5. Information products
      a. Designing and deploying the various information products

In addition to all the above mentioned activities, they would also
need to attend to regular counter duties. They are expected to work in
shift system on a rotation basis since our Centre operates from 8 am
to 2 am. However the working hours for Interns will be 81/2 hours per
day and one weekly off will be given. They can avail a leave of 15
days during the period.

Nature of position &ndash; Internship period will be for two years.

Application Process:

Please email your resume to <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated" href="mailto:careers_lrc at isb.edu" target="_blank">careers_lrc at isb.edu</a> with subject header
LRC- Interns. Short listed candidates will be interviewed in person.

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