[LIS-Forum] NewGenLib as open source

Jai Haravu haravu at newgenlib.com
Thu Jan 10 20:59:13 IST 2008

Dear Members of the List

I am a very happy to announce that  NewGenLib, the integrated library 
management system is now open source. Details are given below.
*NewGenLib Open Source*

   1. NewGenLib (www.newgenlib.com <http://www.newgenlib.com>) is now
      open source under the most widely used open source software
      licensing system called GNU GPL (General Public License)
   2.  The open source binaries and source code can be downloaded from
      http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/newgenlib. Installation notes
      for Linux and Windows are also available at the site. The user
      manual is also downloadable.
   3. Librarians/developers who download the software can post their
      views, problems, solutions, discussions, etc., on
   4. NewGenLib is web-based and has a multi-tier architecture
      (www.kiikm.org/newgenlib_architecture.jpg); uses Java (a
      swing-based librarian's GUI) and the JBoss (J2EE-based Application
      Server). The default backend used is the open source PostgreSQL.
   5. NewGenLib functional modules: Acquisitions management (monographs
      and serials); technical processing; circulation control; system
      configuration; a desktop reports application and an end-of-day
      process (scheduler) application.
   6. NewGenLib is compliant with MARC-21 format.
         1.  Has a MARC editor
         2. Allows seamless bibliographic and authority data import into
            cataloguing templates 
   7. Form letter templates are configurable using openOffice 2.0 as ODT
      and htm.
   8. SMTP mail servers can be configured for emails that can be sent
      form functional modules.
   9. NewGenLib allows creation of institutional open access (OA)
      repositories compliant with the OAI-PMH.
  10. NewGenLib servers are SRU/W compliant supporting MARC-21 and MODS
      3.0 metadata formats. CQL (level 1) with both Bath and Dublin Core
      Profiles are supported.
  11. NewGenLib is Unicode 3.0 compliant. It is an internationalized
      application. English and Arabic interfaces are already available.
  12. Is RFID ready.

Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management


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