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To take this discussion a little away from Microsoft and OSS.

The Gatses are among the largest funders of public health and school
education programmes. Both of these can benefit a great deal if knowledge
flows freely and unfettered. Currently the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation supports the public library movement through a major award. It
would only be a logical extension for the Gatses, Microsoft and the N&M
Gates Foundation to support the open access movement. Right now the Open
Society Institute and the Wellcome Trust are among the few institutions
that support the OA movement.

Subbiah Arunachalam
> I wonder if it's really possible to incorporate a "Linux -v- Microsoft"
> battle of operating systems into any sort of effective Open Source
> activism?
> Trouble is that Open Source perse (and true OSS activism) has no issue
> with
> Microsoft - to the contrary... the fact this leviathan itself ventured
> into
> Open Source in 2004 (albeit tentatively and only a tiny step thus far), is
> marvellous news to those of us honestly wishing to promote OSS as a viable
> and humanitarian-focused software development ideology.
> I am quite sure that to a majority of software developers... What better
> proponent for OSS than the world's largest and most powerful software
> company? Having spent years fostering and developing a tenuous
> relationship,
> it would be horrible for the relationship to now be destroyed by a few
> Linux
> zealots so wrapped-up in a preferred operating system they would smash any
> bridges regardless of cost. Ideological terrorism.
> In a few weeks (along with about 1,000 other software developers) I will
> spend a week at Microsoft TechEd. Assuming the event is no different to
> other years a small minority of us will be Linux users, a large majority
> Open Source Software activists in our businesses and workplaces. Microsoft
> are expected to announce further Open Source developments, and as in years
> past we will again be very vocal should this fail to eventuate! (having
> spent $thousands to attend the event MS are inclined to listen to us).
> A leviathan cannot be moved by brute force, but it can be persuaded to
> move
> if enough voices of interest suggest good reason to do so... Having nudged
> this particular leviathan a few steps along the path we can only hope that
> a
> noisy minority do not continue to undermine efforts in one-eyed hatred of
> all things Microsoft - That the leviathan isn't forced to abandon this
> new-found path because the view of the end is simply too unpalatable.
> PS - I personally have more issue with IBM than Microsoft - MS is at least
> honest enough to openly criticise what it views as the shortcomings of
> OSS,
> meaning activists can listen and address concerns in a reasonable
> manner...
> IBM has a history of trying to associate with and subsequently dominate
> projects simply for it's own marketing purposes. To consume rather than
> participate as equals. Nonetheless I also acknowledge the benefits IBM can
> bring as a powerful "player" and market force. We need to nurture the
> support of all these leviathans.
> Cheers, Don
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