[LIS-Forum] New small molecules database on open access

arun at mssrf.res.in arun at mssrf.res.in
Mon Jun 5 05:03:24 IST 2006

>From Peter Suber's blog "Open Access News"

New OA database on small molecules

ChemBank is a new OA database from the Broad Institute's Chemical Biology
Program (at Harvard University) and funded by the U.S. National Cancer
Institute's Initiative for Chemical Genetics (ICG). (Thanks to
ResourceShelf.) From the site:

    This knowledge environment includes freely available data derived from
small molecules and small-molecule screens, and resources for studying
the data so that biological and medical insights can be gained....

    Currently, ChemBank stores information on hundreds of thousands of
small molecules and hundreds of biomedically relevant assays that have
been performed at the ICG in collaborations involving biomedical
researchers worldwide. These scientists have agreed to perform their
experiments in an open data-sharing environment (data-sharing

    The goals of ChemBank are to provide life scientists unfettered access
to biomedically relevant data and tools heretofore available almost
exclusively in the private sector. We intend for ChemBank to be a
planning and discovery tool for chemists, biologists, and drug hunters
anywhere, with the only necessities being a computer, access to the
Internet, and a desire to extract knowledge from public experiments
whose greatest value is likely to reside in their collective sum.

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