[LIS-Forum] KnowGenesis IJTC - Call for Papers

Saurabh Kudesia editorinchief at knowgenesis.org
Sun Jun 4 17:24:33 IST 2006


Potential authors are invited to submit articles for peer review and publication
in the coming editions of the KnowGenesis IJTC. Short columns, letters, reviews
(book/product/technology), short technical releases, and study abstracts are
also welcome. Articles are accepted on the basis that they will make a lasting
contribution to technical literature.

Information regarding scope, policies and author guidelines can be found by
visiting the About the Journal
Submission can be done anytime using the online submission system available at

You can also send your contribution for consideration directly to the IJTC
editorial team  at editorinchief at knowgenesis.org.

About KnowGenesis IJTC
KnowGenesis International Journal for Technical Communication (IJTC) is a freely
available, international, scholarly journal, dedicated to making accessible the
results of research across a wide range of information-related disciplines
under Technical Communication. KnowGenesis IJTC is a volunteer effort that
brought some of the finest International minds at one place. Thanks to their
dedication and support,KnowGenesis IJTC became the first Indian Journal listed
by American Education Research Association (AERA) SIG Communication of
Research. AERA SIG list is a prestigious list of electronic journals consisting
of scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, which are accessible without cost.
Recently, UNESCO and Digital Curation Centre (DCC) UK have also included
KnowGenesis IJTC in their list of international journals. KnowGenesis is proud
to have authors listed from prestigious institutes like NISCAIR, University of
Mississippi, University of Calcutta and STC and is committed to contribute its
valuable share for the foundation of a true knowledge driven society.

Previous issues of the Journal are available at

Please note the prior registration is required to access the Journal article.
FREE registration can be done using the link

For more information on KnowGenesis Journal, visit www.knowgenesis.net/journal
or mail me at editorinchief at knowgenesis.org with your queries.

Saurabh Kudesia
Co-founder, Editor-in-chief
KnowGenesis IJTC
editorinchief at knowgenesis.org

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