[LIS-Forum] Open access to Dr Ranganthan's ideas

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Fri Sep 23 18:09:45 IST 2005

Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 12:29:01 +0100 (BST)
From: Prof. N. Laxman Rao. <naglaxman at yahoo.com>

Hello freinds

the suggestion given by Dr Arunachalam is valid and a good suggestion. i
feel that there is enough of scope to revise even the CCC and CC to a
larger extent. Mainly, the CCC is much comfortably can be revised.

unfortunately, many students and colleagues of Late Dr Ranganathan, take
his name for their own purposes. they make use of SRR name for their
selfishness. they never bothered to revise or sponsor intensive studies on
his works. Every one takes pride in associating their names with SRR. I am
one of the lucky persons to have taken a gift (CCC ) from SRELS in 1968,
duly signed by the great man. there is every possibility of sponsoring
studies on relevance of his theories. It is a known fact that five laws
continue to be relevant in the changing information environment.

it is high time for SRELS or DRTC or others who claim and boast themselves
the great man's colleagues, to take the job seriously and do something to
retain and promote the ideas of late Ranganathan.

it is a known fact that SRR's contribution to this profession / knowledge,
especially in India is phenomenal and no one can do as much as he has done
at least in next century.already, the generation started ignoring him and
his concepts. the schools are shying away to teach some of his concepts.

still it is not late to take up to take the job and do some thing.

i only suggest all professionals especially, who claim and take SRR' name
for everything to take advantage should start working for popularising /
improving the concepts and theories.

in the process of writing this mail, i never meant hurting any individual.
my apologies if some one gets hurt. laxman rao


Shahab <smshahabuddin at rediffmail.com> wrote:
Dear friends:

I have read the posting by Michael May asking for the digitisation of Dr
Ranganathan's book, Five Laws of Library Science. It is very pathetic to
know that due to the nonavailability of sufficient number of copies many
library and information science graduates are unable to read the book. The
case is similar for other books penned by Dr Ranganthan. He had preached
open access and accessibility to information throughout his life. And it
is his books being obstructed, by whatsoever the reasons be, for access.

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