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  Dear Profesionals,

 Invitation to College and University Librarians in sharing the best
 practices in Library and Information Services (LIS

 NAAC is in the process of identifying best practices (good or healthy
 practice) of various library operations and to compile a publication with
 wide consultations, In this regard I request you to give the good /best
 practices followed in your library in the format attached and the same
 may please be coomunicated to naac.

 Invitation to College and University Librarians in sharing the best
 practices in Library and Information Services (LIS)

 College and University librarians are requested to compile the best
 practices implemented in your library in the format given below and send
 the same to NAAC by 30th December 2005.  The NAAC is planning to bring
 out a publication on best practices in various applications of LIS

 The practices followed in the following areas of operations may be
 communicated through e-mail or by post to the address given below.

  Librarian, NAAC
  2/4, Dr. Rajkuamr  Road, Rajaji Nagar
  P.B.No. 1075, Bangalore – 560010
 email. maduraiseenoo at yahoo.co.in

  1.Management and Administration of Library
  A. General Polices  ·         Stack Verification Methods   ·         Membership
  ·         Resource Mobilization
  ·       Photocopy and copyright issues.
  B. Technical Processing Methods
  ·         Classification   ·         Cataloguing – Indexing techniques
   OPAC – cataloguing facility
   Processing Time
  C. Manpower
  ·         Skilled/Semi-skilled/Unskilled Staff
   Training & Professional Involvement, CEP
  ·         Staff: Users: Collection ratio
   Managing the situation with limited staff?
  D. Facilities

   Ventilation, Fan, water, toilet facilities, Generator, Property Counter, etc
  ·         Notice boards, Sign Boards, Library Statistics, Research cubicles for scholars/teachers  ·         Cleaning and Physical Outlet

  2.Collection and Services   A. Acquisition methods
  ·                     Policy on book selection and Collection development
  ·                     Accessioning methodologies
  ·                     Periodicals & Peer reviewed journals
  ·                     Book bank practices
  ·                     Weeding out polices
                     B. Periodical Section
  ·                     Policy on selection of periodicals
  ·                     Maintenance of receipts
  ·                     Binding procedures
  ·                     Display methods
  ·                     User access to current journals
  ·                     Maintenance of e-journals
  C. Information Services  ·                               Modern/Specialized services

   Library Networks/Consortia
   Consultancy, if any

  3.     Extent of the Use of Services  ·           Use Behavior Promotion

   Marketability of Information Products
   User Surveys
  ·                              User Group

  4.      Use of Technology
  A. Computerization
  ·            Software and Hardware use (ICT Infrastructure & Know-how)
  ·         Compilation of reports, reservation, fine collection, automatic reminder sent  ·         Terminals for user and staff  ·        Updating and Editing of Data
  ·        Techno stress Management
  B. Digital Library Practices/ Initiatives

   Access to E-Resources; Full text & Secondary periodicals
  ·                              Access to E-Books; Standards & Codes; Reference Sources
  ·                              Archives and Digital repositories
  ·                              Hardware & Software for Digital Libraries

  The best practices followed in your Library and the resources required, (human and material resources) the ways and means of these practices, the problems faced, the suggestions to overcome the problems etc. are to be indicated briefly.

  your may also visit naac website
  http://www.naacindia.org/ to download the format

 thank you

 with regards
 ss ragavan

Dr.S.Srinivasa Ragavan
  National Assessment and Accreditation Council
  2/4,Dr.Rajkumar Road
  P.O.Box no.1075, Rajaji Nagar,
  Bangalore –560010	,India

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