[LIS-Forum] Phishing - U should know this - read on

Ravi Nandhan ravinandhan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 19:45:09 IST 2005

Dear All,

I was checking my Gmail and came across the term 'Phishing' in the mail option. 

Gmail is a very good mail service and is still in beta and one of the
best available today. Gmail is good for lot many reasons like search
facility for mails that you receive, labeling the mails for
organizing, and of course Phishing. It is important for any LIS
professionals to be with the latest technology.


Phishing is a form of fraud in which a message sender pretends to be a 
representative of a legitimate organization in an attempt to trick the 
recipient into divulging important personal information like a password 
or bank account number.

If you believe the message that you got is a phishing attack, you can
report it to
the Gmail abuse team and help thwart the attack and others like it. 
Reporting this message as an attack will send the entire message to Gmail 
the team for review.

To learn more just open Gmail that you have received and in the 'Show
options' link you can
find out more about this (check out wiht friends if you do not have a gmail id).

Many of you would remember the mails that you would have forwarded to
others thinking that the forward would fetch help to someone in
trouble or promising a prize like a mobile phone etc. and the sender
would have requested a copy to the original sender. This is nothing
but drama to fetch the new email ids' and to send unsolicited or spam
mails to the available mail Ids'. Pls remember not to send any such
forwards as all the recepients would get so many spams.

Try getting Gmail from your friends and start using it immediately as
it requires invitation. I can help some of you as I have a few

Wirh regards from,

Sahini R Sahana

Manasa Gangothri,
Univ. of Mysore,

Wit Luv & Care
Urs Ravi

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