[LIS-Forum] Report of the SALIS Vellore Chapter inauguration

Arunachalam Hariharan hariharan_ah at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 10:50:23 IST 2005

Proceeding of the SALIS Inaugural Function at Vellore
held on 7th August 2005 

The meeting of the SALIS under the chairmanship of
Mr.Hariharan, President, SALIS was organized at
Millennium Plaza, 
Gandhi Nagar, Vellore at 10.30 am. Sunday 7th August
2005. The following members were present. 

Mr. A. Hariharan, S.E.R.C, Chennai 
Mr. V. Newton – CMC, Vellore 
Mr. G.G. Sivakumar, R.M.K. Engineering College,Chennai

Mrs. Vasantha Vivekanandan, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. R.G. Solomon, CMC, Vellore 
Ms. Regina Antony, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. P. Manuelraj, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. Karunai Raghavan, St. Peter's Engineering College,
Mr. I. Azariah Jebakumar, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. Joyson Soundrarajan, CMC,Vellore 
Mr. Hemaanandan, TPGIT, Vellore 
Ms. D. Chithra, MK Jain College, Vaniyambadi 
Ms. A. Arockia Mary, DKM College, Vellore 
Ms. K. Jacqulin, DKM College, Vellore 
Ms. Aariefa Basheer, Islamiah Women’s Arts and Science
College, Vaniyambadi 
Mr. D.P. Dhinakaran, Priyadharshini Engr. College,
Ms. P. Vijayalakshmi, Auxilium College, Vellore 
Ms. K. Kalaichelvi, VIT, Vellore 
Mrs. Rachel Charles, SLRTC Karigiri, Vellore 
Mr. R. Manikandan, College of Education, Katpadi 
Mrs. Esther Aaron, College of Nursing, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. A. Vijayakumar, RUHSA Library, CMC, Vellore 
Ms. Nirmala, RUHSA Library, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. L. Amarsanth, VIT, Vellore 
Mrs. Kalpana Parthiban, VIT, Vellore 
Mr. J. Varadharajalu, VIT, Vellore 
Mrs. Y. Meega Ebenezer, CMC, Vellore 
Mrs. Manimala Ravi, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. Damodaran. S, CHTC, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. D. Samuel Raja , CMC, Vellore 
Mrs. Jerylene Mary Vanathi, , College of Nursing, CMC,
Mr. K. Nelson NIthiakumar, CMC, Vellore 
Mrs. Victoria Thomas, CMC, Vellore 
Mrs. J. Premila, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. K.P. Chakkaravarthy, CMC, Vellore 
Mr. A. Daniel Rajkumar, College of Nursing, CMC,
Mr. S. Elumalai, VIT, Vellore 
Ms. V. Beulah Nirmaline, King’s Matriculation School,
Kasam, Vellore 
Mr. D. Asadullah, Islamiah College, Ambur 
Mrs. Vimala Jayakaran, , College of Nursing, CMC,

The Vice-President Mr. Sivakumar, welcomed the
Mr. Hariharan Chairman explained the objectives and
the activities of the society. 
Then the thrust need of the society was explained to
the members. 

Mr. Srikanth, President, Vellore Online Pvt. Ltd. gave
a Power Point Presentation on 
the “Impact of IT in Libraries Services”. He explained
various new Technology which 
can be introduce in the day-today routines of the

Mr. Hariharan explained the regulations of the society
and then there was a open discussion 
on the formation of the Vellore Chapter and its future
activities. The members from 
Vellore Institute of Technology encouraged the members
by promise to provide all 
Infra structure to conduct meeting/workshop. 

The members from Christian Medical College, Vellore
were willing to co-ordinate the activities 
for updating the knowledge in I.T. for the improvement
of library services in their own working places. 

Formation of Committee: 

The chairman requested Mr .V. Newton, Senior Librarian
to be the Chair-Person of Vellore Chapter. 
After discussion with Mr. V. Newton and other Senior
Professional Colleagues the following members 
were nominated as office bearers and committee


Mr. V. Newton, CMC Vellore 


Mr. A. G. Hemaanandan, TPGIT, Vellore

Mr. Dhinakaran D.P., Priyadharshini Engr. College,

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi P. Auxilium College, Vellore. 


Mr. Varatharajalu, VIT, Vellore 

Joint Secretary 

Mrs. Vasantha Vivekanandan, CMC Vellore 


Mr. R. Manikantan, Govt. College of Education, Katpadi

Joint Treasurer 

Mr. R. Gnanaraj Solomon, CMC Vellore 

Executive Committee Members: 

Mrs. Kalpana Parthiban, VIT, Vellore 
Mrs. Aarifa Basheer, Islamiah Women’s Arts and Science
College, Vaniyambadi 
Mr. Vijayakumar, RUHSA Library, Vellore 
Ms. Regina Anatony, CMC, Vellore 
Ms. Vimala Jeyakaran, College of Nursing, CMC Vellore 
Ms. Chitra D, MK Jain College, Vaniyambadi 
Ms. Rachel Charles, SLRTC Karigiri, Vellore 
Programme Action Group: 

Mr. Joyson Soundrarajan D. [Co-ordinator] CMC Vellore 
Mr. Manuelraj P.CMC Vellore 
Mr. Amarchanth, VIT, Vellore 

Mr. Senthil, Librarian, Ida Scudder School, Vellore 

Professional Advisors: 

Mr. A. Hariharan, Chairman, SALIS
Mrs. K. Kalaichelvi, VIT Vellore 

Mr. V. Newton, the Co-ordinator and the Vice-President
of SALIS, proposed the Vote of thanks. 

The meeting was concluded with a Fellowship Lunch.

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