[LIS-Forum] OA advantageous

Subbiah Arunachalam arun at mssrf.res.in
Mon Aug 15 05:52:40 IST 2005

Good advice for authors

Rachel Singer Gordon, Publish, Don't Perish! Library Literature and the
Gift Economy, Library Link, July 2005. Reasons for librarians to publish,
especially in some OA form. Gordon's arguments apply to scholarly authors
of all kinds, not just librarians. Excerpt:
You will note also that most of these opportunities [for name recognition,
building your resume and reputation, and advancing the literature] are
maximized when access to your work is also maximized. I’ve talked before
about the advantages of publishing online, especially in free, open-access
venues. (See February and March 2005.) The library literature of course
contains a healthy mix of publication outlets, both free and fee - but
take accessibility into account, along with other considerations, when
choosing an outlet for your work.

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