[LIS-Forum] InfoVision 2005 : A GLOBAL CONCLAVE OF INFORMAITON COMMUNITY; (Sep 15-16, 2005, Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore)

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Wed Aug 3 15:05:34 IST 2005

 (September 15-16, 2005, Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore)

Come and listen to the visionaries.
Interact with leaders.
Join the debate with experts.
Visualize a new Information Profession.
www.infovision2005.org <http://www.infovision2005.org>

Sessions Contouring the Knowledge Society.

1. IT & IM: Meeting and melding points.
2. KM Solutions & Practices.
3. E-Publishing: Changing paradigms and shifting markets.
4. Search Engines & Data mining.
5. E-Learning & Digital Libraries.
6. IPR: ideologies, legalities and technologies.
7. Policy Framework for Information Society.

1. R. A. Mashelkar, DG, Council of  Scientific & Industrial Research,  India
2. P.  Anandan MD,  Microsoft Research India.
3. Ronald Larsen  Dean, School of  Information Science, University of
Pittsburg, USA.
4. Karl Wiig, Knowledge Research Institute, USA (T).
5. Sugata Mitra, NIIT.
6. Derk Haank, CEO, Springer, Germany.
7. Ajit Balakrishnan, CEO. Rediff.com.
8. Andrew Large ,  Chair, School of  Library and Information Studies, McGill
University, Canada.
9. R. Ramaraj,  CEO, Sify.
10. Ingeborg Torvik Solvberg,  Professor, Dept.  of  Computer & Information
Science, Norwegian University of Science and  Technology, Norway.
11. Praveen Anand , Advocate, Anand and Anand Associates, India
12. Jean Claude Guedon,  Professor, University of Montreal, Canada.
13. S. Sadagopan,  Director,  International Institute of Information
14. Nick Moore, Chairman, Acumen  Consulting & Research, UK.
15. N. Vijayaditya , DG, NIC.
16. Eric F. Van de Velde, Director, Library  Information Technology,
Caltech, USA.
17. Mohan Tambe, MD, Innomedia Technologies.
18. Judith Turner, Editor, Journal of  Electronic Publishing, USA.
19. Abhijit Lahiri,  Technology Information  Program, DSIR.
20. Nancy Buckley, Blackwell Publishing, UK.
21. Jayant R. Haritsa, Professor, Indian  Institute of Science.
22. T.A. Balasubramanian,  Consultant and Media Advisor, Mumbai
23. Raj Datta,  GM, Mind Tree,  India
24. Madan Mohan Rao, Editor, Knowledge  Management Chronicles.
25. Anand Parthasarathy,  IT Columnist, The  Hindu.
26. Uma Ganesh, CEO, Kalzoom  Technologies.
27. G.Venkatesh, Chief Strategist & CTO, Sasken.
28. Prabhuddha Ganguly, CEO, Vision-IPR.
29. Subas Pani, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Orissa.
30. Rajiv Seth, President, CyberMedia Services.



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