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Tue Jun 8 12:40:42 IST 2004

Dear Sir,
Please arrange to announce the following seminar announcement for the
benefit of  the  members :
Dr. K.N. Prasad
Executive Officer
Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science
702, Upstairs, 42nd Cross
III Block, Rajajinagar
BANGALORE 560 010.
Ph: 23305109 ; E-mail : srels at vsnl.com ;

Seminar  Announcement:


Objectives of the Seminar :

Digitization is currently a buzz word. A variety of institutions (libraries,
information and documentation centres, and other corporate bodies) have been
digitizing documents of various kinds (text, manuscript, and image) on
different media. The purpose includes development of databases and/or
archival resources, to preserve, access, retrieve and disseminate
information and documents. Digitization may also form the basis for creating
products such as  learning/teaching packages. A variety of software and
techniques are being used. Some of the efforts have been successful while
others have not been so. Nevertheless, many institutions are interested in
digitization, and wish to learn from the experiences of those who have
already undertaken digitization. An objective of this Seminar is to bring
together for exchange of ideas those with experience in and those who have
plans for, digitization.
Papers are invited on practical experiences and case studies on the
following aspects, but not exclusive of other aspects:
             1.Use and evaluation of software and techniques for
                 (text, manuscript, image, sound, etc.)
            2. Special aspects of digitization for archiving and
             3.Classification, cataloguing and indexing ­methods, tools and
                techniques. Standards, meta-data, authority files,
vocabulary control
            4. Searching, retrieval, and user-interfaces.
            5. Copyright and other intellectual property issues.
            6. Management, economics, and costs.
            7. Handling non-Roman Scripts.

Authors are requested to focus on practical experiences with digitization.
The final paper should not exceed 5,000 (five thousand) words or 15 pages
including figures, tables and annexes.

An extended abstract of about 3-4 pages of the proposed paper should be
submitted in advance. It will be refereed. Authors whose proposed papers are
accepted will receive guidelines for preparing the final paper and its

Important dates :
25 June 2004: Last date for receipt of  extended abstract by the

5 July 2004: Authors will be informed of the acceptance or otherwise of the

25 July 2004: Last date for receipt of final paper by the Secretariat.

9-11 August  2004 : Seminar and SRELS Lectures.
The extended abstract may be sent to the Secretariat as an e-mail document.

Contact Details :
The Executive Officer
Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science
702, 42nd Cross
III Block, Rajajinagar
Bangalore  560 010, India.
Ph: (080) 23305109. E-mail: srels at vsnl.com

Sarada Ranganathan Endowment Lectures (2004)

 Natural Language Processing in Information Storage and Retrieval
  Dr.K.Narayanamurthy, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

>From 9-11 August at 4.30 - 6.00 p.m. each day

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