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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 10:10:25 +0530
From: Krishnan <krish at ems.ncl.res.in>

Plenty of online journals supply free content, and the Directory of Open
Access Journals from Lund University in Sweden makes it easier to find
them. The brand-new site links to more than 350 journals with free,
full-text articles. You can browse titles in 15 categories, from
agriculture to sociology. Scientific journals include Stem Cells,
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, and Conservation Ecology.
If none of the offerings catch your fancy, check back soon. The
directory's curators plan to add new titles and a search feature that
will allow visitors to find articles in any of the listed journals.


Dr. S. Krishnan

Head, Information Division

National Chemical Lab, PUNE 411008, INDIA

e-mail: krish at ems.ncl.res.in


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